Bari 5-8 October 2023
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry



Viale delle Industrie 15
20040 Cambiago (MI) ITALIA
tel. +39-02-950681


Backpack air-blast sprayers Backpack sprayer-dusters Backpack sprayers Battery-powered lawnmowers Battery-powered secators Battery-powered trimmers Brush cutter blades Brush cutter discs Brush cutter heads Brush cutters with s.i. engines Chain-saws Cutting filament for brush cutters Delimbers Ecological fuels Edger trimmers with s.i. engines Electric brush cutters Electric chain-saws Electric edge trimmers Electric hedge trimmers Electric lawnmowers Electric push-type lawnmowers Face shields Forestry brush cutters Garden motor hoes Garden sprayers Garden tractors with s.i. engines Garden trimmers Guns for high pressure water cleaners High-pressure water cleaner accessories High-pressure water cleaners Leaf blowers Lubricants Manual garden tools Miscellaneous accessories for lawnmowers Miscellaneous equipment for olive harvesting Miscellaneous gardening equipment Motor hoes Mounted air-blast sprayers Mounted sprayer-dusters Mounted sprayers Mulching machines Olive tree shakers, hand-operated Plant residue shredders Plant sprayers Pole pruners Powered post hole diggers Professional shredders Protective clothing Protective helmets Pruning saws Push-type lawn aerators Push-type lawn trimmers with s.i. engine Push-type lawnmowers with s.i. engines Reciprocating hedge trimmers with s.i. engines Ride-on lawnmowers Robot lawnmowers Saw blades Saw chain sharpeners Saw chains Self-propelled lawn aerators Self-propelled lawnmowers with s.i. engines Spare parts and accessories for chain-saws Suction leaf collectors Tree service chain-saws