Bari 10-13 October 2019
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agricultural Productions - Livestock Exhibition

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Bio-economy area at Agrilevante


For the 2019 edition of the Exhibition Itabia (Italian Biomass Association) will offer a rich programme of demonstrations, information and commercial activities on the biomass resource and the associated supply chains. This year at Agrilevante the topic of agricultural biomass resources will be covered with the dual objective of assessing the potential of innovative crops for energy and to recommend the new directions of research and development of the circular economy (bioenergy and green chemistry).


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To Agrilevante by bus


FederUnacoma, the Federation that organizes the Bari showcase, to aid the participation by the agricultural machinery sector's employees in Agrilevante, provides for a "bus contribution"  for all Italian retailers, representatives and dealers of the exhibiting companies or agricultural organizations that organize collective visits in buses of operators/farmers. This means a contribution in the form of a  50% reimbursement, up to a maximum of 200 euros, VAT excluded, on the transport costs from any location to Bari.

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Register online and participate


Entry to Agrilevante is free for all the public.  To facilitate your participation and avoid queues, the event's administrative office has activated an online registration service available on the exhibition's website. After registering, you will receive at the specified address an electronic ticket which also includes a QR code with the digital business card of the holder, which can be exchanged using the Agrilevante App.


Agrilevante in Tunisia


Tunis stage for the road show presenting the VI edition of Agrilevante. Many entrepreneurs and operators are expected from the North African country, which is showing a growing demand for agricultural machinery and which represents an interesting commercial partner for Italian industries, which export machinery worth around 40 million euros to Tunisia.  The meeting was attended by the Italian Ambassador to Tunisia Lorenzo Fanara, the Director of the ICE Office in Tunis Donatella Iaricci, and the Director of the FederUnacoma Events Office Marco Acerbi.

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Athens stage for the Agrilevante Road Show


Presented in Athens, to Greek operators and journalists, the 2019 edition of the Agrilevante review that offers the best technologies for the Mediterranean regions, with a wide range of advanced machines and equipment for viticulture, horticulture, olive-growing, grains and livestock productions in the basin's countries. A significant presence of Greek operators is expected, after reaching 380 in the last edition, and which this year are expected to increase also thanks to the gradual recovery of the mechanical equipment market in the country.

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Agrilevante in Serbia


Novi Sad hosts the presentation of the 2019 edition of Agrilevante. Many Serbian economic operators are expected at a trade fair event that addresses productions and types of companies typical of the Mediterranean area.  The role of the ICE Agency to strengthen cooperation between Italy and Serbia in the agricultural machinery sector.

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Agrilevante in the name of innovation


Subscriptions  to the "Agrilevante 2019 Technical Innovation Contest" are now open.  Only the exhibiting companies of the event can participate in the contest. It is possible to subscrive, by next 30 June, exclusively by completing the online application.

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Agrilevante 2017: increasing numbers


The fifth edition of the Agrilevante   came to a close today with the registration of an ongoing increase shown the exhibiting manufacturers, in the internationalization of the event and the number of initiatives on cultural points and the dissemination of knowledge on technical issues. Up to today, a record number of visitors for this year’s trade fair was reported up by 70.700, 3.164 arriving from abroad, for a gain of 21% over the most recent edition. The next Agrilevante is already scheduled for October  2019.

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Precision agriculture machinery applications


The systems for the electronic and satellite control of environmental parameters and cultivation operations offer incredible prospects. Approaching agricultural labor will be more and more scientific, with economic, environmental and safety benefits for operators.

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23,000 visitors in the first two days of Agrilevante


The international exhibition of mechanics and technologies for agriculture closed yesterday its second day confirming an increase in visitors compared to the same day of the last edition. Many topics were discussed during the conferences (some of which were technical, while others were popular).

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Machinery for the developing of African agriculture


Development of the agricultural economy in Sub-saharan Africa could could stabilize the African continent and meet food requirements as well as maintain agricultural communities on their lands of origin to help stop the flows of migration to Europe. An international conference held at Agrilevante shed light on the problems of potential.

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Nomisma review on african agriculture


A conference dedicated to prospects for the Sub-saharan Africa economies enlivened the second day of the Agrilevante international exposition of technologies for agriculture underway at the Bari trade fair. Authoritative representatives from international institutions dealt with farming models and the most suitable mechanization for the countries in this region and cooperation programs. A specific survey conducted by Nomisma provided a map of the features and potential of eleven key countries.

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The numbers of visitors growing


The Bari trade fair wrapped up the second day of the international exposition on agricultural machinery and technologies. Yesterday more than 9,000 business people visited the event for a 16% gain in the number reported for the most recent edition. Precision farming, bioenergy and development prospects for Africa and the Mediterranean islands took center stage for issues dealt with and conference schedules.

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Safety on forestry work


A workshop managed by the University of Bari Department of Agro-Environment and Land (DISAAT) was held at Agrilevante to highlight the risks with the use of chainsaws. Also covered were the essentials of training for worker and individual protection devices.

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Land illnesses


A conference on analyses of the phenomena threatening the land and the environment was held in Bari in the Agrilevante setting. Fires, disintegration and drought afflict enormous areas of the Italian territory where it is up to multi-functional farming to care for the land. A fundamental role is played by agricultural machinery capable of providing suitable technologies or purpose-built machinery for these maintenance tasks.

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The meetings of the event


More than fifty events for the general public add color to the schedule of the international exposition on agricultural mechanization running in Bari from October 12 to 15. Economic and technical issues are taken up in assemblies sponsored by FederUnaComa, the Puglia Region, the University of Bari, UNACMA and ITABIA among others.

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Official foreign delegations


One of the Agrilevante exhibition key factors is still the participation of official delegations from abroad organized by FederUnacoma with the financial and organizational help of ICE, the Italian Trade Agency. These official delegations are made up of selected business people, some 150 of them arriving from 40 countries for a heavy schedule of meetings with the exhibiting manufacturers. For these business-to-business encounters a special area has been furnished for dealing with representative of companies supplying machinery of specific interest.

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The numbers of Agrilevante 2017


300 industries will be taking part at Agrilevante 2017, mainly from Italy as well as Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Japan, The UK, Greece, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, The United States, Sweden and Switzerland bringing ranges of their most prestigious brand name models. The exposition area for the review comes to 53,000 square meters, the same as the area allocated for the 2015 edition, plus 2,000 square meters covered set aside to link pavilions 18 and 11. The expectation for this year's event is greater than 60,000 visitors.

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The Winners of the Technical Innovations Contest


Five innovations, three mentions and one blue award: these are the results of the technical innovations contest promoted by FederUnacoma at Agrilevante 2017. Among the innovations awarded a shredder, a transversal leveling system for combine harvester, a compact tool carrier, precision interlacer, a system for controlling temperature and humidity for small fruits. The technical news section will be exhibited in Bari in a dedicated outdoor area between the Edilizia entry and the New Pavilion

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Agrilevante 2017 - Registration online


The procedure for registering for free entry to the 2017 edition of Agrilevante has been activated. Following registration it will be possible to receive via the email indicated the ticket for direct access to the trade fair. The ticket will include a QR Code with the visitor's e-card.

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New Techniques Competition - Deadline for entering


All the exhibitors participating in Agrilevante 2017 can enter the New Technologies Competition staged during the trade fair and sponsored by FederUnacoma. The deadline for taking part is Friday, June 30th.

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Agrilevante at Sima in Paris


The fifth edition of the exposition dedicated to agricultural machinery and technologies presented in Paris, at Sima by FederUnacoma. Exhibitors and business people from countries throughout the Mediterranean region and Sub-saharan Africa will arrive in the city in the Puglia region to take in specific technologies and productions suitable for the region's climate. Also expected are more than 60,000 visitors taking part in the event.

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The agricultural machinery market in Puglia


A total of 1,297 tractors were registered in the region in the year 2016, a 14% decrease compared to the previous year. The implementation of the Rural Development Plan and funding by INAIL should encourage a recovery of the market and contribute to the replacement of the machines that are mostly obsolete.

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Agrilevante 2017 presentation


The international review of machinery and plant for agricultural supply chains is set for October 12 to 15 in Bari. The number of foreign delegations arriving, organized by FederUnacoma in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, ICE, is on the increase and a special event planned for the trade fair is an international forum focused on the development of agriculture in the Mediterranean and Africa.

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