Bari 10-13 October 2019
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agricultural Productions - Livestock Exhibition



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Product n. 1

It is a machine for the first tillage of the soil that can be used, for its characteristics, as an alternative to the disc plough and the tiller. A fundamental characteristic is that it does not leave the hard and compact soil typical of rotary tools such as rotovators and ploughs. Not having this drawback is an ideal machine in agronomic terms to facilitate the growth of the roots and the proper drainage of the soil. It mixes the residues of previous crops, fertilizers and menure. Reach excellent working depths, up to 50cm for larger machines.

It is specific for horticulture, vineyards, orchards and also for floriculture both in greenhouses and in open field.

It leaves the ground very finished and thanks to the type of movement, it helps the advancement of the tractor requiring little effort, allowing in this way to save fuel and to be used on sloping ground in total safety.

Product n. 2

The bivanga is a Selvatici patent and is a specific machine for horticulture, vineyards and orchards. The second adjustable spade allows the working depth to be practically double that of a spading machine and leaves the soil highly refined. It can be used both in greenhouses and in open fields with great agronomic benefits.

Product n. 3

We are specialized in the production of central, low, movable and adjustable post hole diggers for transversal use in agriculture, gardening and forestry for planting trees, tensioning poles and their anchors, fences, frames of greenhouses for both small and large tractors. They are robust and resistant machines because the gearbox is produced directly by the company Selvatici. We have a wide range of augers according to the needs.

Product n. 4

Hydraulic post hole diggers for excavators from 1.2 to 13 tons. Used on all types of agricultural land. Depending on the size and type of auger, holes up to a diameter of one metre can be drilled to a depth of 6 m.

Different sizes for different soil types. The standard length of the augers is one metre, varying in diameter. On request, longer lengths can also be produced. We can also supply additional extensions for the augers, both smooth and helical, depending on the needs.

Product n. 5

New for 2018 is a range of stone buriers for tractors from 50hp. Using the stone burier it is possible to simultaneously work the soil and bury the stones and rocks both on compact soil and on already worked soil. The area of use is specific for horticulture both in open fields and in greenhouses, it can also be used for the maintenance of turf. On some models it is possible to apply a rear seed drill for the simultaneous sowing of the turf.

All stone burials are also available in the bed former version.

Product n. 6

The rear scrapers are used to level roads and grounds, clear snow, level squares, clean stables and ditches.

The levelling of the ground, eliminating the depressions, favours the uniform growth of the product and avoids the very harmful stagnation of the water.

They can be equipped with many options, mechanical or hydraulic movement, from one to 4 joints.

Product n. 7

These machines are used for green maintenance, in soccer fields, golf courses, racetracks and in all natural grass fields to drain, ventilate and help the development of the roots.

A specific line for agriculture has also been designed with dimensions that facilitate the passage in the vineyard and orchard.

They can be equipped with many options, from oscillating brushes for sand, to the rear oscillating roller to the turf-holding blades.