Bari 10-13 October 2019
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agricultural Productions - Livestock Exhibition

Seminars on innovative agro-industrial supply chains in the Mediterranean area

During Agrilevante, Itabia, Chimica Verde Bionet and Federcanapa offer a series of seminars dedicated to "Opportunities and critical points of the innovative agro-industrial supply chains in the Mediterranean area". These seminars are held in Room 5 of the Nuova Fiera del Levante Congress Centre.

For info and registration: itabia@mclink.it.


Thursday 10 October

General Session (10-11:30)

  • General presentation of the proceedings (overview of the sectors and the proposed innovations)
  • Criteria of a new agriculture
  • Opportunities and critical points (legislation, RDP incentives and supports, NOP, etc.)
  • Credit support for innovative agricultural supply chains
  • The new strategies for Apulian agriculture

Agriculture session for Health
Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) (12-13:00)

  • the Sicilian district of San Cono: prickly pear nutraceutical and biorefinery 
  • research and development 
  • Q&A

Almond tree (14:30-15:30)

  • Almond tree biorefinery and crop revival
  • Experience of a food company
  • Q&A

Baby Food: Fruits of the Dauni Mountains (15:30-16:30)

  • Experience of a food company
  • Q&A

Legumes for celiacs (16:30-17:30)

  • the demand for products for celiacs and gluten allergies
  • ground legume biorefinery
  • research and development 
  • Q&A

Friday 11 October

Training course for companies and ICE "Sustainable agriculture and bioeconomy" 10-17:00 divided into two sessions.

The many opportunities that the circular bioeconomy can bring to farms will be discussed. Starting from the framing of the European strategy that has changed the paradigm of traditional agriculture, the issues of sustainable management (cropping system) of the entire production cycle will be tackled, from the new cultivation techniques for soil fertility, weed control, waste management, up to the innovative aspects of sustainable packaging. In addition, the topic of project financing through public tenders, corporate finance and venture capital will be addressed. Finally, the results of some projects aimed at the development of the bioeconomy in agriculture will be presented, financed with European funds (H2020) both by the National Rural Network and by the Structural Funds (RDP).

Sustainable agriculture session (10-13:00)

  • The European strategy for the development of the circular bioeconomy
  • Opportunities in green chemistry in the agricultural sector, in-depth analysis of the National Rural Network project - CREA PB
  • Cropping System analysis for soil management
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Financing and Access to Credit:
    • Measures of the RDP of the Puglia Region
    • National financing (Invitalia)
    • Access to Credit (planning services companies)
  • Q&A

Session about residual agricultural biomass, energy and circular bioeconomy (15-17:30)

  • Opportunities for the use of residual biomass: in-depth analysis of the H2020 project "Enabling"
  • Technical guidelines on the use of renewable sources and energy efficiency on farms (ENEA)
  • TECHnology Brief on the production of biogas and synthetic gas from agricultural, livestock and agro-industrial SMEs (ENEA)
  • The FIUSIS biomass plant: a best practice in Puglia
  • Q&A

Saturday 12 October 

Session about cosmetics, natural detergents, biolubricants (10-13:00)

  • Development of the sector
  • Medicinal herbs in the Apulian context
  • Use of oil residues 
  • Experience of a cosmetics company
  • Plants for biolubricants and cosmetics
  • A biorefinery in Salento
  • A service to facilitate SME access to Reach
  • Q&A

Session about Hemp and Linen (15-18:00)

  • Regional hemp law and approved projects
  • The Unihemp national project
  • The Southemp plant in Crispiano
  • The CanapaR plant in Ragusa and the crops in Southern Italy
  • The Promimprese plant in Licata
  • Hemp and Linen: an agricultural experience in Puglia
  • The regulatory developments
  • Regulation and Trademark for the production of quality flowers 

Sunday 13 October 

Session bout Sustainable Islands (10-12:00)

  • The Capraia Smart Island Project
  • Heroic agriculture
  • The sustainable fish supply chain