Bari 5-8 October 2023
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry



Via Circonvallazione Sud 46
40062 Molinella (BO) ITALIA
tel. +39-051-881444

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Product n. 1

BV, BVL and BVR series 1000

The range of NOBILI mulchers dedicated to orchards and vineyards is growing with the new 1000 series. Designed for grass and large volumes of pruning, with diameters up to 10 cm. Available in working widths from 160 to 240 cm, for tractors from 80 to 130 hp. The series includes the models: rear (BV), rear with wide lateral displacement (BVL) and reversible (BVR).

Product n. 2


The NOBILI JET sprayer family expands and introduces the new symmetric cannon SM. Available in versions with 90 ° mono-lateral or 180 ° bilateral conveyor.
Thanks to the throw of over 50 meters horizontally and more than 25 vertically, they are ideal for treatments on herbaceous crops, greenhouses, and tall trees.

Product n. 3


The first, the only 100% electric. E-SPRAYER and E-MULCHER are awarded at EIMA 2021 with double recognition for technical innovation and blue award. The vineyard-orchard electrification project will be exhibited at the “quadriportico” hall coupled to the T4.110V tractor with New Holland's innovative E-SOURCE generator.

Product n. 4


The new ES system uplifts VENTIS pneumatic sprayers towards greater performance. By generating electrostatic fields on the special spraying modules, it increases the coverage and assures a greater homogeneity of treatment. The heart of the solution is the renewed electrostatic generator operating at high voltage developed by NOBILI.

Product n. 5

GEO 3000

Optimization of timing and resources in spraying treatments; the answer is the new 3000 tank with a low and compact design. The autonomy of a large tank, dimensions and maneuverability at the top of the category. The high professionalism of the GEO 3000 is also achieved thanks to the modern HF fan units and the rich offer of accessories to meet the greatest needs.

Product n. 6


High performance Fan are the latest generation of fan units. The patented “WAVE BLADE” fan blade is the beating heart of the three fans: 85, 95 and 110. Greater performance, lower consumption and noiselessness. Never before has the synergy between crop protection and respect for the environment been so strong.

Product n. 7


NOBILI presents the solutions that allow access to the Agriculture 4.0 tax benefits. NMI is an electronic device for controlling NOBILI shredders. It allows to organize the shredding at best thanks to job management and interconnection. NOBILI IOT allows to remotely control and monitor the sprayers. Managing shredding and crop protection has never been so effective and simple.