Bari 5-8 October 2023
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry


C.I.M.A. SpA

Loc. Molino Quaroni 7
27040 Montu' Beccaria (PV) ITALIA
tel. +39-0385-246636


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Product n. 1

Articulated Low Volume pneumatic sprayer BLITZ with the MULTI-VERTICAL 4 sprayhead in vertical configuration with 4 multiple diffuser cannons for the optimal treatment of  the palm trees.

Product n. 2

Articulated  low volume pneumatic sprayer model LINK  equipped with a 4 hands 4 cannons sprayhead hydraulically folded for spraying alternate rows in espalier vineyards

Product n. 3

Trailed low volume pneumatic sprayer model BLITZ equipped with a 4 cannons 2  Olive sprayhead with hydraulic orientation for treatments on fruit trees with extensive foliage thickness like almonds and peaches.

Product n. 4

Trailed low volume pneumatic sprayer model BLITZ with a specific sprayhead for treatments on

Product n. 5

The CIMA technology - VRT KIT for Easy Farm is an electronic system with a programmable and easy-touse logic. The VRT methodology based on the use of maps allows to vary the dose of plant protection products according to the information contained in the prescription maps.

Product n. 6

Trailed low volume pneumatic sprayer model BLITZ equipped with  a Double Olive sprayhead,  adjustable according to the size and density of planting, is the most efficient solution to spray orchards, olive trees and stone fruit.

Product n. 7

Articulated low volume sprayer model Link 50, with pneumatic atomization equipped with the GREEN HUG sprayhead made of 2 +2 distribution hands for
spraying two complete rows with one pass.