Bari 10-13 October 2019
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agricultural Productions - Livestock Exhibition


SERRAT Trituradoras

Crta N-240 Km 149,3
22310 Castejon del Puente (Huesca) ESPANA
tel. +34-974-417830
fax +34-974-410059


Product n. 1


The SERRAT Biomass recovery mulcher consists in a double pick-up rotor which lifts up the pruning of fruit trees, vineyard and branches in a second rotor to mulch it.
Mulcher with double reversible hydraulic feeder system BRALAKC).
Thanks to its innovative rotor (patented) it is able to reduce the pruning remains in a perfect woodchips  that it can be directly used in waste heat boiler of biomasse.

Product n. 2


The new mulcher EVOLUTION GREEN, in a single passage, and at a normal speed, is capable of cutting and pouring the grass at the feet of fruit trees or vineyards, and that without any additional cost in time  of work.

Product n. 3


Mulcher of hammers, for the elimination of remains of pruning up to 8 cm and maintenance of vegetable mantle. Rotor POLSER of octagonal shape of 450 mm, chassis in 10 mm of thickness, gearbox SERRAT, toothed belts, etc….

Product n. 4


Mechanical driven swing arm mower can be used to mow around trees, posts, crash barrier, etc. Without any damage. Mechanical transmission by power take-off for tractors between 35 and 105 hp. Requiring a double effect hydraulic’s service for the slope and a simple effect service for the hydropneumatic suspension.

Product n. 5


Mulcher with double hydraulic feeder, ideal for pruning of vineyard,  chestnut-trees, olive trees, almond-trees, citrus fruits, hazels, etc. Machine for demanding works, with need to deposit very thin remains in the area, avoiding possible plagues and helping to their elimination, for later processes.

Product n. 6


Mulcher with reversible hydraulic feeder, for remains of vineyard, olive tree, almond-trees, etc. up to 5 cm. With the lower root rake of variable height, we manages to raise the material of the ground, independently of the characteristics of the area. Rear screen that delimits the grain for the perfect incorporation to the ground.

Product n. 7


Polyvalent mulcher with hydrulic offset for the elimination of remains of pruning, in citrus fruits, fruit trees, olive trees and clear of matter in foot with an hydraulic rear hood. New generation rotor Polser of octagonal shape of 550 mm of diameter.