Bari 5-8 October 2023
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry



Ctr. Polisciazzo
70022 Altamura (BA) ITALIA
tel. +39-080-3140540


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Product n. 1

The FTS are machines suitable for crushing stones, clods and working soil. They consist of a rotor with bolted tools having a Widia tip.            

Product n. 2

The FTCs are machines suitable for crushing tree stumps, roots, clods and stones of all kinds. They consist of a rotor with bolted tools having a Widia tip

Product n. 3

The FPR Universal Cutter are machines suitable for milling fixed rock and/or loose stones without carrying out preliminary work. They consist of a rotor with interchangeable peaks.

Product n. 4

The FPR Rock Cutter were born to mill land with fixed rock directly and can be used as soil stabilizing milling machines for the construction of yards and roads

Product n. 5

SCDs are used to dig channels in any type of terrain. Among the main activities: canalization for irrigation systems, drainage, piling for vineyards...

Product n. 6

The FM crusher is used to crush stones and debris deriving from quarries and demolitions. Also suitable for the preparation of laying beds relating to the covering of gas pipelines, etc.

Product n. 7

The VV vibrating screen is used for screening any type of material of small and medium size. It can be electric or hydraulic, stationary, on wheels or on tracks