Bari 10-13 October 2019
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agricultural Productions - Livestock Exhibition



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41012 Migliarina di Carpi (MO) ITALIA
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    Buon Ferragosto a tutti!!


    ARBOS non mancherà al suo terzo appuntamento con Innov-Agri. Quali saranno le novità esposte in questa edizione? Scoprile! http://bit.ly/arbos-pronta-per-innovagri2019


    ARBOS 4080F e 4080F Pro: i super compatti!
    Con un passo di 1830mm e un’ altezza al cofano di 1200mm, questi modelli - azionati da un motore FCA 4 cilindri 75CV e offerti sia in allestimento roll-bar sia con cabina - possono raggiungere una velocità massima di 40Km/h.

    Vuoi saperne di più? Contatta il concessionario ARBOS di zona!


    Tractor accidents are the leading cause of injury and death among farm workers due to lack of proper safety devices or failure to use them when available.

    ARBOS is constantly improving the design of its tractors to make them safer, offering now a vehicles fleet fully in line with the European Tractor Mother Regulation directive.

    All models guarantee maximum safety for the operator in every work condition from start to finish. Ascent and descent operations are facilitated by additional support handles; all moving parts and heat sources are protected preventing unintentional contact.

    Last but not least, the double rear-view mirrors (one of which is wide angle) greatly improve the visibility and allow the operators to always have the situation under control.

    Visit your local dealer and discover all the safety features of the ARBOS specialized and open-field ranges.