Bari 12-15 October 2017
International Exhibition
of Machinery, Plants and Technologies for Agricultural Production

The Chains

The Chains

Facilitating meetings of companies and businesspeople is one of the objectives of the review with a layout divided into six great theme salons dedicated to cereal crops, energy and non-food production, the olive oil sector, fruit and vegetables, vineyard cultivation and wine production and livestock raising.

Alongside the traditional sectors, Agrilevante 2011 will present an important display on Multifunctional Agriculture (MIA) featuring special conferences, workshops and roundtables covering all those activities geared to created additional income for farmers. In this setting, and with a demonstration area set aside, attention will be focused on renewable energy sources for which there are good prospects for development in the Mediterranean regions and throughout the entire Mediterranean area.


Filiera cerealicola

Cereals production chain

  • Tilling machinery
  • Seeding machines
  • Weeders
  • Crop treatment machines
  • Harvesters
  • Machinery and plant for cleaning, storing and milling
  • Plant for making bread


Filiera energetica colture no food

Non-food energy crops production chain

  • Machines for mulching, collection and transport of pruning residues
  • Plant for drying, shredding, cubing
  • Special biomass-fired furnaces
  • Solar panels and related systems for storage and distribution of energy
  • Photovoltaic panels and energy distribution systems for farms and agri-industries
  • Wind turbines
  • Production chain technologies for non-food energy crops


Filiera olivicola olearia

Olive oil production chain

  • Nurseries, olive grove specialists, pruning
  • Machinery and products for managing olive groves
  • Machinery for harvesting and mulching pruning residues
  • Mechanized harvesting, collection nets, plastic crates
  • Olive oil extraction lines
  • Machinery for processing olives: leaf and branch removers, washers, crushers, stoners, kneaders, decanters, separators, transport of solids, pumps and valves
  • Press plants for short production chain
  • Inox steel silos and containers, sansa silos, bottlers


Filiera ortofrutticola

Fruit and vegetable production chain

  • Tilling and transplanting machines
  • Irrigation machinery and equipment
  • Crop protection machines
  • Harvesters
  • Refrigeration plant and systems for processing fruit and vegetable products
  • Machinery and plant for fourth range products


Filiera vitivinicola enologica

Vineyard and wine making production chain

  • Machinery and products for vineyard management
  • Equipment for grape harvesting and crushing
  • Machinery and products for winemaking
  • Equipment for cellars, tanks, casks and barriques
  • Instruments for analyses and products for oenology laboratory
  • Oenology products and aids
  • Bottling and machines and materials for packaging


Filiera zootecnica

Livestock breeding production chain

  • Machinery for processing and harvesting forage
  • Machinery and equipment for breeders
  • Milking machines
  • Machinery and plant for processing meat and dairy products

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