Bari 5-8 October 2023
International Exhibition of Machinery, Plants and
Technologies for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Technical Innovation Competition

Technical Innovation - Agrilevante 2019

De Masi Industrie Meccaniche S.r.l.

Hall 18 - Stand A/4

Tree shaker S.P.A.R.E.

Tree shaker to collect nuts and other hanging fruits (olives, almonds, chestnuts…).

What is innovative: the shaker allows to set also the width of the oscillations, in addition to the frequency. Furthermore, the start of the shaking isn’t abrupt, but it’s gradual up to the nominal value.

Foreseen advantages: changing the width of the oscillations together with the frequency, the energy transmitted to the trees can be optimized according to the type of vegetation, and to the age of each tree. Furthermore, the way of actuation of the vibrating part allows to reduce in a sensible way the fuel consumption and the torsional effects which lead to damage to the bark.