International Exhibition of Machinery,
Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production
Bari (I), October 17-20, 2013

MiA Salon EventS

MiA - Multifunzionalità in Agricoltura


Along with the traditional sections, Agrilevante will again this year present the display on multifunctional agriculture, the MiA Salon, which covers the range of activities feasible in a rural setting, complementary with farming and able to generate additional income.

The purpose of the MiA Salon is to enhance the value of multifunctional agricultural enterprises and promote this approach for proposing activities alternative to traditional farming. Multifunctional agriculture comes along as an important occasion for the development of the primary sector and reaching out to new production and professional horizons capable of improving the quality of life in agriculture and all society.

The MiA Salon, divided into four theme areas, is intended to offer a meeting point for farmers, companies, public administrations and professionals in groundskeeping to foster cooperation and an interdisciplinary dialogue for the development of the farming enterprise.

A visit to the MiA Salon will provide everyone in agriculture with an understanding of the trend of multifunctional agriculture and the opportunities opened up in this sector now in strong growth.

MiA - Multifunzionalità in Agricoltura

MiA Project - Multifuncional in Agriculture

Theme Areas

The MiA Salon has been planned as an exposition set entirely in greenery, an impressive environment divided into four theme areas for illustrating the activities of farming enterprises defined as multifunctional. The theme areas are distinguished by four different colors and ranges of specific merchandise.

  • The Green of the Landscape
    • Management of the landscape and habitat
    • Management of biodiversity
    • Geo-thermal
    • Creating and managing public and private greenery
    • Creating and managing specialized green areas (sports grounds, strip and vertical greenery)
    • Management of the land: snow clearance, earthmoving, lawn mowing
    • Composting
    • Biomass
    • Vertical Farming
  • The Yellow of Vitality
    • Receptions and recreational activities (teaching farms, agri-tourism)
    • Urban and city outskirts agriculture
    • Conservation of the cultural heritage of the countryside
    • Social identity in cultural areas
    • Therapeutic and social agricultural practices
  • The White of Purity
    • Food safety and quality
    • Short production chain and farmers markets
    • Production of textiles
  • The Blue of the Horizon
    • Management and control of reservoirs, artificial lake and bio-lakes
    • Management of hydro-geographic balances
    • Naturalistic engineering
    • Management of areas with environmental functions (bird watching, territorial parks...)
    • Water and irrigation regimes and canal maintenance


Workshops and meetings

The issues associated with multifunctional agriculture set out in the Agrilevante MiA Salon are taken up in training seminars, conferences, workshops and round tables being organized. The specific program will be made public as soon as it is completed.

For exhibiting

Exhibiting in the MiA Salon is a new way for presenting machinery, equipment, products and new systems for the primary sector to a professional public in a setting in which technologies and nature are inserted into a highly involving progression of information and instruction.

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Agrilevante 2013

Companies interested in exhibiting at Agrilevante in the MiA Salon are urged to complete the request form below and send it, together with the payments requested, by registered mail, courier or personal delivery, to:

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