International Exhibition of Machinery,
Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production
Bari (I), October 17-20, 2013

Presentation The Exhibition

Agrilevante is the most important event in the field of agriculture not only for central and southern Italy but also for the entire Mediterranean region, the European Balkans and the Middle East.

With a salon dedicated entirely to machinery, plant and technologies for agriculture, the specialized and professional exposition will be staged on an area of 45,000 m² for hosting 300 companies under cover and six production chains.

Visitors arriving, more than 41,000 of them attending the 2011 edition with 20 accredited delegations from abroad, will be given a complete panorama of efficient solutions for entire production cycles, from working the soil and preparing for seeding, irrigation to plant treatment and on to harvesting, transport and initial product processing. Also non-food production chains for the production of raw materials for industry and energy will be featured.

The event will draw a special focus on crops typical of the Mediterranean region for which the mechanization industry is capable of providing a wide range of technologically advanced machinery and equipment.

The Agrilevante 2013 edition will especially highlight two production chains, those for Durum Wheat and Grapes & Winemaking.