International Exhibition of Machinery,
Plant and Technologies for Agricultural Production
Bari (I), October 17-20, 2013

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Agrilevante 2015: an expanding trade fair

The exhibition of mechanization and technologies for the Mediterranean agriculture will host operators and official delegations from over 20 countries and will be held in Bari from October 15 to 18, 2015. After the record numbers of the 2013 edition, the exhibition expands its sphere of influence, confirming to be a reference point for Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans.
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A return to land: a success for Agrilevante

October 21, 2013
The 2013 edition of Agrilevante, the International Exhibition of Machinery and Technology for Agriculture, finished yesterday and set the record of 50,000 visitors, 2,272 of whom from abroad. For four days, the Bari Trade Fair hosted discussions on agriculture's perspectives in the Mediterranean basin. During the exhibition a partnership agreement has been signed for three further biannual editions until 2019.

Agrilevante: the focus in on youth and technological innovation


Internationalization and agroenergies in the spotlight today at Agrilevante

This is the third day of Agrilevante with "business-to-business" meetings and the visit of foreign delegations from Albania, Bulgaria and Romania. The exhibition was visited by the Albanian Vice Minister for Agriculture, who highlighted the attention of his government on the development of the primary sector. Today the focus was on agroenergies with the meetings sponsored by Aiel.

Internationalization, sustainability and agroenergies are the strong points of Agrilevante 2013

This is the second day with many events in the pavilions of the Bari Trade Fair, with meetings devoted to diplomats and foreign delegations and with conferences on themes such as environmentally friendly agriculture and agroenergies. A delegation of technicians from the Islands of Mauritius visited the exhibition.

Agrilevante: synergies for the development of agriculture

The International Exhibition of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural Production was inaugurated at the Bari Trade Fair. Market figures, economic policies, innovative technologies for Mediterrenean farming and agroenergies have been the focus of attention during the first day's conferences. Ente Fiera del Levante and FederUnacoma have signed an agreement for three further biannual editions until 2019. The number of visitors has increased during the opening day.

Agrilevante Ready to Go: Technical Novelty, Meetings, and Events

October 11, 2013
Bari's fair devoted to machines, technology and ideas for Mediterranean agriculture offers 50,0002 meters for 280 exhibitors, with this year's addition of three special sections on renewables from farms, multifunctional approaches in farming and spare time farming.

Agrilevante: an event stamped with an international hallmark

Internationalization Point is the name of the space and event FederUnacoma and the Ministry for Economic development are setting up for welcoming official delegations from abroad, from around the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe, on visit to the trade fair.

Agrilevante, the leading fair in the Mediterranean

September 16, 2013
The International review of mechanization and technologies for agriculture and the agro-industry is set for mid-October in Bari. The event is organized by the Fiera del Levante and FederUnacoma and now showing further gains in exhibition area committed and the number of exhibitors arriving. Plus a packed schedule of conferences focused on highly current technical and political-economic issues

Agrilevante 2013: a platform for the Mediterranean

July 26, 2013

The organization of the international exposition of agricultural machinery and technologies, set for next October in Bari, is going ahead full steam. Data made public by the FederUnacoma official organizers lead to expectations of a 2013 edition even better than the 2011 outing. Great importance placed on foreign delegations and exchange among the Mediterranean region countries.